Sunday, September 27, 2009

Relaxing is the New Black

Reinvent the way you come home and relax.

On first thought lounging on the couch with your one “guilty pleasure” – the new hit in reality raze - sounds great. However, let us paint you another scenario. Time are tough, you don’t need the economic dialogue again, but consider taping into something a bit more down to your roots.

Have you considered reading a book or just decompressing with a quick nap all the while enjoying a soothing cascade of water in the background? How’s that for painting a picture.

From picture to reality all you’ll need is a good book and the Alfresco’s Home Altezza Fountain. This wonderful fountain is great to keep indoors and is 20.66L x 20.66W x39.56H. Made from Resin, all finishes are hand-applied surface patinas - so there will be color variations with each fountain having a unique touch.

Watching a show that pollutes the brain or satisfying your inner divo/diva with Alfresco’s Home Altezza Fountain?

The answer is obvious.

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