Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Texture This & Pattern That

The kitchen and the bathroom, two of the most used spaces in the household are often the most neglected when it comes to light.

Light can offer both pattern and texture to the overall design of ones livings space. A critical decorating element used as background support for an overall design scheme, incorporating these elements adds sophistication and warmth to a space.
Home and Patio Lighting brings you tips from the pros on how to incorporate the two into your most used spaces.

Kitchen: Do not fall victim to the single lighting fixture faux pas. Poor lighting can make cabinets look dull and even cooking a chore, so layer your lighting. Different lighting techniques like track lighting and under-cabinet lighting come in several varieties.

Home and Patio Lighting "Good Choice" pick; the Kenroy Home Bubbles 4 Light Island Light.

Bath: The most common error in bathroom lighting is recessed ceiling fixtures directly over the mirror. Vanity lighting should get top consideration because these fixtures work the hardest to illuminate the head and face for grooming. Additionally lighting should be considered as a source to enhance the overall mood of the room.
Home and Patio Lighting "Good Choice" pick; the Kenroy Home Pienza 5 Light Vanity.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Do You Have Two Of These?

When decorating, thinking that your end table or night table lamps have to match is a common misconception among the not-so-seasoned designer according to Decorator, Betsy Knapp of Tiger Lilys.

“Sometimes going the ‘matchy-matchy’ design route puts the room’s look and feel overboard. Consider finding two lamps that complement each other’s design approach.”

Four helpful tips from Knapp on how to mix and match end table lamps include:

- Try to get the lamps the same height
- Look for lamps that complement each other in color
- The design feel does not always need to be the same, you can mix antique with modern if there is a common design thread like crystallized draping, shape, etc…
- One lamp should not make more of a statement than the other

So what's the designers mix and match pick from Home and Patio Lighting?

The Adesso Cabaret Accent Table Lamp with sheer black fabric and chandeliered crystal-like draping with the Adesso Flapper Table Lamp made with hanging vertical strings of clear faceted crystal. Both are finished in chrome, have a round base, similar height and play off each other’s design approach.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Lights, Camera, Action!

Dreaming of that big movie deal? You know, when you step onto the set and the director is screaming "Lights, Camera, Action!”

We get it there is something to be said about that perfect lighting that has celebrities looking much more fabulous on set than they do in person. Home and Patio Lighting has you covered with the Adesso’s Contemporary Modern Movie Style Spot Light.

It's just what the director ordered. The adjustable anodized aluminum shade with chrome-plated metal protective grill is great for recreating the on set mod-lighting look. Not only are you in the spotlight with this bad boy, but you can become a celebrity (almost) overnight for just $100.

So what are you waiting for? It might not be a movie deal but at least your home will have a touch of Hollywood.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Wall-E meets Mother Nature with these precision-etched metal sheets that transform into exotic bloom-shaped chandeliers. The fusion of technology and flora found in the Artecnica Future Flora Silver Satin Pendant results in a lamp unlike any other. The “non-tarnishing” light is part of a collection of three blossom lamps in complementary shapes that cast an epic radiance when featured together.

The Future Flora lamps combine fine details, contoured openings and matte silver surfaces to illuminate spaces while wowing onlookers with the intricacy of the metal sheets. Individually, the lamps are fantastic, but when grouped together in a garden of light they transform the space and enchant the area.