Sunday, September 27, 2009

Relaxing is the New Black

Reinvent the way you come home and relax.

On first thought lounging on the couch with your one “guilty pleasure” – the new hit in reality raze - sounds great. However, let us paint you another scenario. Time are tough, you don’t need the economic dialogue again, but consider taping into something a bit more down to your roots.

Have you considered reading a book or just decompressing with a quick nap all the while enjoying a soothing cascade of water in the background? How’s that for painting a picture.

From picture to reality all you’ll need is a good book and the Alfresco’s Home Altezza Fountain. This wonderful fountain is great to keep indoors and is 20.66L x 20.66W x39.56H. Made from Resin, all finishes are hand-applied surface patinas - so there will be color variations with each fountain having a unique touch.

Watching a show that pollutes the brain or satisfying your inner divo/diva with Alfresco’s Home Altezza Fountain?

The answer is obvious.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Blossom Your Room Into The Winter

The modern furniture movement is blossoming every day. The trend in this home design favors functionality and minimalism – but you, you have always been a cut above the rest. You’re an original and a true believer in accent pieces no matter what the “trend rule book" says.

Add a splash of color or a touch of vintage to bring the room to life.
Artecnica Garland Brass Plated Metal Pendant Lighting Lap mesmerizes with its delicately etched floral patterns. The lamp is made from a continuous metal strand that is wrapped around a light bulb. With a simple clip, the Garland light secures to the base of a bulb and may be shaped into practically any form. Intertwine multiple Garlands to create larger shades.

Need another reason why? It keeps flowers blossoming even into the winter months.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Out Of This World!

Have you ever felt like you light up a room when arriving at a social gathering or a friend’s apartment? Well I’m sorry to break it to you, but something helping your illuminating glow is the Innermost Asteroid Lamp.

This great piece was designed by Innermost, who is known for creating tabletop items and lighting fixtures as innovative as they are practical. This asteroid shaped lamp has 24 unique geometry facets and could be hung or used as a floor or table light.

So what’s the lesson to be learned – it’s not that you don’t light up the room, but next time you are feeling confident or lack thereof, make sure the interiors of the room are well lit!