Monday, September 21, 2009

Blossom Your Room Into The Winter

The modern furniture movement is blossoming every day. The trend in this home design favors functionality and minimalism – but you, you have always been a cut above the rest. You’re an original and a true believer in accent pieces no matter what the “trend rule book" says.

Add a splash of color or a touch of vintage to bring the room to life.
Artecnica Garland Brass Plated Metal Pendant Lighting Lap mesmerizes with its delicately etched floral patterns. The lamp is made from a continuous metal strand that is wrapped around a light bulb. With a simple clip, the Garland light secures to the base of a bulb and may be shaped into practically any form. Intertwine multiple Garlands to create larger shades.

Need another reason why? It keeps flowers blossoming even into the winter months.

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