Friday, January 22, 2010

Home Is Where The "Art" Is

Home is where the art is with creative sculptural lighting piece found at Home and Patio Lighting.

Venus Modern Spiral Floor Lamp by Adesso ($250)

Twisting and turning like a cobra, Adesso’s Venus Modern Lamp spirals light into a room with 4 mesh cone lights and a height of 6 feet.

KMP Furniture Italia Ceiling Lamp ($417)

Let there be light…and KMP Furniture’s Italia Ceiling Lamp spreads it in every direction with bright white panels that fan out from a center core, illuminating every corner of the room in creativity.

Bigoli Light by Innermost (On Sale $299)
A shining example of functional sculpture, this futuristic shade is ideal for a child's room, hanging over a dining table, or anywhere you want to switch on some art.

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